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Around The World Foodie Experience

Our food will take you places at your next corporate happening

Events & Conference Menus

FOMO Around The World Foodie Experience is a delightful and tasteful culinary journey that complements the settings and objectives of most corporate events. If you’re interested in a more traditional sit-down 3/5-course dinner, please contact us for menus and further information.


  • Pokè Bowl” with halibut, mango and edamame

  • Noodle salad with avocado, coriander, peanuts and crunchy vegetables

  • Bread and hummus with parsley

  • Totopos with jalapeño dip

  • Long-roasted pork neck with five spice, hoisin and sesame

  • Shredded chicken thigh in spicy chipotle sauce with small tomato

  • Baked cauliflower with gremulata

  • Potato salad with capers, chives and pink pepper

  • Heart salad with Fønix, pickled fennel and almonds

  • Manzanilla olives

  • Chili mayo


  • Raw marinated salmon

  • Endive salad with pistachio vinaigrette

  • Chicken skewers with sesame

  • Pork samosa

  • Noodle salad

  • Crispy Yukari Prawns

  • Sesame breadsticks

  • Pickles

  • Dipper


  • Vegetarian/pork tacos

  • Steam buns

  • Currants with hoisin sauce

  • Chicken waffles

Check out our Meetings&Conference website and get in touch with
our team for more details and information