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Café & Bar Menu

Open daily mon-fri 08.00 – 16.00
Self Service Takeaway available after 16.00


    Melted Ham & Cheese Sandwich Deal

    Kr. 149

    Melted Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Homemade Healthy Juice and Fresh Local Coffee From Austrått Brewery

    Soi21 Salad of the Week

    Kr. 109

    You know it's good, just order it

    Today's Sandwich

    Kr. 89

    A wide selection of tasty Sandwiches at your fingertips every day.
    Breakfast Specials

    Homemade Chia Pudding

    Kr. 45

    With Mango and your favorite toppings.

    Homemade Overnight Oath

    Kr. 45

    With berries and your favorite toppings.

    Selection of yoghurts

    Kr. 45

    With your favorite toppings

    Soft Drinks & Juices

    Choose from a wide selection of Soft Drinks and Juices

    Coffee & Tea

    A Wide selection of Green, Red, Black, Yellow, White Warm & Hot

    Pastry and Snack

    For when you need to treat yourself a little extra

    Wine, Beer, Drinks

    Tap, Distilled, Reverse Osmosis - The Bar Bar is open from 11.00-16.00 monday-friday